Fort Lauderdale Escape Rooms
And Axe Throwing

From Escaping Battling Wizrds To Haunted Farm Axe Throwing, Our Fort Lauderdale Location Offers Five Unique Adventures!

Choose Your Adventure…

Dueling Wizards

The Magus has made it clear we are to find and destroy all five of the evil Horcruxes! Be haste, as the Dark Magic will overtake our cities soon. Destiny is in your hand’s young wizards!

6/10 Difficulty
60 Minutes
2-10 Players

Escape The Bunker

You’re in the Cold War and the Russians have captured you and your comrades. You both are in separate bunkers and military allies have left items you can use for your escape.

5/10 Difficulty
20 Minutes
2-6 Players

Mayan Curse

Ancient Maya priests were buried with their treasures. You made your way into one of their tombs to take possession of the riches they left behind.

8/10 Difficulty
60 Minutes
2-8 Players

Halls Of Vallhalla

Axe Throwing

Enjoy our Hall of Valhalla room where you get immersed in the Viking Theme as you prepare to chuck axes at targets just like the mighty Vikings did many eons ago!

60 Minutes

Haunted Farm

Axe Throwing

Enjoy our Haunted Farm Axe Throwing room where you get immersed frightening décor, train as if you are the serial killer preparing for their next victims using your trademarked signature Axe Throw.

60 Minutes

About Cloak & Dagger Escape Rooms

Cloak & Dagger offers three unique escape room adventures and two axe throwing adventures located in Fort Lauderdale. Each room provides its own special set of challenges and puzzles that will test your problem solving skills and ability to work as a team to beat the clock! Which room will you try: Dueling Wizards, Mayan Curse, or Escape The Bunker?